Track Policies

Cultural and Critical Studies in Hospitality

This theme seeks to extend the critical turn in hospitality studies by encouraging papers that explore the socio-cultural significance of 'hospitality' as both a concept and practice. The offer of hositality, whether for commercial gain or social obligation, shines light on a society's fundamental values and beliefs because it is one of the ways in which communities define who they are in terms of how they engage with others.

We encourage papers (both conceptual and empirical) that examine concepts such as identity, ritual and myth in relation to the hospitality encounter together with papers that examine the role of the visual and the embodied, performative nature of the experience.

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Food and Consumer Studies

This theme encourages empirical research that more adequately addresses food as part of hospitality and tourism products and services. Research that explores new products or new processes, and consumer reaction to these will also be welcomed. Other important aspects include assessment of products and services in an appropriate environmental context, and in relation to factors such as life course and culture.  The theme also encourages empirical research exploring consumer behaviour more broadly beyond food, (e.g quality mangement).

Research may draw on a wide range of related disciplines and research methodologies, both in defining the scope (e.g. food science, public health, quality management) and in terms of different research approaches (qualitative and quantitative).

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Development in Applied Hospitality Management Research

This theme seeks to shape the research agenda given the need for industry to respond to changes in the global context, including the rise of Asian markets, increasing environmental challenges and developments in management and employment practices. Research is encouraged that draws from, and progresses, management practice in hospitality, leisure and tourism. Particular consideration will be given to research output that develops the academic discipline and influences practitioner effectiveness.

Research may emanate from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and subject specialisms, for example, strategic management, operations management, human resource management, finance and accounting, information technology and systems.

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Research and Practice in Teaching Learning and Assessment

The first decade of 21st century continues to witness an exponential rate of change in higher education provision, particularly so within the specific vocational disciplines of hospitality, travel and tourism.

Research papers that critically reappraise the nature of learning, teaching and assessment practices within these contexts would be particularly welcomed. Specific themes that could be addressed include: work based learning, employer and social engagement, innovation in asssessment, graduate employability, the role of knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) and the use of technology to enhance student learning.

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