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Hyperpolarisation of Cs salts by optical pumping of Cs atoms in a random scattering medium
Kiyoshi Ishikawa
Transiently porous medium: MRI studies of acoustic cavitation
Igor Mastikhin, Aidin Arbabi
An efficient eigenfunction approach to calculate spin-echo signals in heterogeneous porous media
Matias Klas Nordin
Optimised generalised diffusion gradient waveforms improve pore-size estimates
Ivana Drobnjak, Bernard Siow, Daniel C Alexander
Solid-liquid equilibria in disordered mesoporous solids
Daria Kondrashova, Rustem Valiullin
A General Approach to T2 Measurements in the Presence of Internal Gradients
Jonathan Mitchell, Thusara Chandrasekera, Lynn Gladden
Comparative Ex Vivo NMR Imaging Study of Water-Protein Interactions and Water Transport in Eye Lenses of OXYS and Wistar Rats
Egor A Dobretsov, Yurii P. Tsentalovich, Olga A. Snytnikova, Igor V. Koptyug
Probing multi-dynamics of crude oils by high field 2D-NMR DOSY and relaxometry
jean-pierre korb, Alain Louis-Joseph
Investigation of Polymer Film Formation Process Using Single-Sided Low-Field NMR Relaxometry
Carlos Mattea, Sushanta Ghoshal, Paul Denner, Siegfried Stapf
Coils for NMR in a rotating field at the magic-angle.
Cedric Hugon, Xiaonan Li, Dimitris Sakellariou
Water diffusion in cancellous bone to investigate bone quality: in vitro and in vivo results
Silvia Capuani
Projecting q-space Entropy on the Phase Diagram of Non-Gaussian Diffusion in Porous Tissues
Richard Magin, Carson Ingo, Luis Colon-Perez, William Triplett, Thomas Mareci
Sarah L Codd
Complex Patterns of non-Gaussian Diffusion in in vivo Brain Tissue
Farida Grinberg
High quality MRI root imaging by exploitation of soil particle properties
Dagmar van Dusschoten, Johannes Kochs, Jonas Buehler, Jouke A Postma, Ralf Metzner, Siegfried Jahnke
Composite pulses to quantify background magnetic field inhomogeneity: Building a T2* to T2 transform
Denys Grombacher, Jan Walbrecker, Rosemary Knight
Characterization of interlayer water in smectite clays using low field relaxation and nutation experiments.
Marc Fleury, Eric Kohler, Francoise Norrant, Loic Barre, Serge Gautier
NMR measurements of dynamic clogging in constructed wetlands using sterilised sludge
Muhammad Fahad Shamim
On the self-diffusion measurement by the modulated gradient spin echo, a legacy of Sir Paul T. Callaghan
Janez Stepišnik, Aleš Mohorič, Igor Serša
Completely Non-Resonant Low-Frequency MR
Soumyajit Mandal, Shin Utsuzawa, Yi-Qiao Song
A fast random walk algorithm for computing diffusion-weighted signals in multi-scale porous media
Denis Grebenkov, Hang Tuan Nguyen, Jing-Rebecca Li
Diffusion Pore Imaging by Double Wave Vector Measurements
Tristan Anselm Kuder, Frederik Bernd Laun
NMR PFG Emulsion Droplet Sizing: Recent Developments using Benchtop Spectrometers
Michael Johns
NMR Investigation of the Impact of Ice Binding Proteins on Polycrystalline Ice
Timothy Ian Brox, Jennifer Brown, Joseph Seymour, Mark Skidmore, Chen Wang, Bing-Hao Luo, Amanda Achberger, Brent Christner, Sarah Codd
MRI investigation of hydrodynamic instabilities formed in reactive flows in porous media
Heather Rose, Melanie Britton
Characterization of (Double) Emulsions by NMR Spectroscopy and Diffusometry
Richard Bernewitz, Gisela Guthausen, Heike P. Schuchmann
Online Rheo-TD NMR for Analysing Batch Polymerisation Processes
Heike Herold, Edme Horst Hardy, Karl-Heinz Wassmer, Nicolaus Nestle
Proton self-diffusion coefficients of small penetrants in semi-crystalline polymers by unilateral NMR
Rance Tankoua Kwamen
Diffusion of nano-channel confined ionic liquids measured using a novel one-sided NMR tomograph
Kuldeep Singh Panesar, Cédric Hugon, Guy Aubert, Patrick Judeinstein, Jean-Marc Zanotti, Didier Lairez, Dimitris Sakellariou

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